Not all who wander are lost

More than 10 years ago, while I was still in college, a close friend of mind suggested me to come for a meeting of sorts, of some community of people: eclectic/elite people. I honestly don’t remember much of it, but one thing stood out. One of the guys was like, you should know what you want, and work at 110% towards it. I had a…

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Tyrolean traverse training

With the Malabar river festival, close at hand, the finals this year has been decided to be held at the Arippara falls or Fire Alarm rapid. The terrain around that region is treacherous, and crossing the river or getting a shot from the middle, almost impossible. And keeping that in mind, especially for safety, there was a special Tyrolean Traverse training camp held for the climbers and photo/video team coming to the event.

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Sunday drive to Shettihalli Church

A last minute plan to drive to Shettihalli church made me pull out my camera from the drawers. Just experimenting with the slo-mo on my camera, the Panasonic GH5. The uniqueness of this church is that it’s completely submerged during the monsoons, from the Hemavathi reservoir. The church, currently in ruins, appears when the reservoir goes dry, and water level goes down. And with the…

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Anthargange trek

Anthargange is located about 60kms from Bangalore city, very close to Kolar. It’s just off the highway, and quite easily accessible. This also means it gets quite crowded during weekend. The trek itself is quite on the easy level. There’s a long set of steps to reach the temple, post which, is about an hour’s climb to the plateau on the top. 30 minutes if you’re fit and not stopping for too many photos.

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Backup for a Fuckup – BUFU

It’s as simple as the title reads – Always have a backup for a fuckup. Be it life, work or play, always have a BUFU. Because ol’ man Murphy came up with a law “Anything that can go wrong, can and will go wrong” It’s a term I’ve been living on, off late. Been going through a Rahukaala (bad omen or phase) of sorts and some sheer…

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I have never been good at talking. Most of my life. I have a lisp, I goof up my words, make bad jokes, forget details mid-sentence etc. I’ve always surrounded myself with storytellers, but never been one myself. I have, however, always been a good listener. Listening doesn’t apply just to words one is saying, but body language, emotion and that magical feeling of being a…

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The journey of life, takes a full circle.

Almost exactly 10 years ago, I dropped out of college and began the journey of life. Back then I was heavily into gaming, which took away most of  my time. One fine day though, on New Years in-fact, I deleted all that junk, downloaded material that I was actually interested in and studied web designing on my own. In the course of these past 10 years,…

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Tour of Nilgiris 2016

The Tour of Nilgiris 2016 is a 8 day cycle tour and race through the western ghats, passing through some of the most beautiful hill ranges and forests of South India. The race starts in Bangalore, and culminates at a different city every year. With a 110 cyclists in bright clothing and fast cycles, we make quite a few heads turn in the villages we pass…

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Kali Kayak Festival 2017

The Kali Kayak festival 2017 was an event that lasted three days long, but an experience that will last forever.
Somewhere in the middle of the Kali reserve forest lays the river Kali, running wild and free though the Western Ghats. Untamed, ruthless and harsh, like a snake in search of its prey. I’m kidding. It’s controlled by a dam, and you need luck to be in the river when the water gates are opened. And Ganeshgudi, a small town in Karnataka close to Dandeli and known for its adventure sports, was the epicenter of the Kali Kayaking festival.

If whitewater is your kind of rush, then the Kali river festival in Karnataka is the place you need to be. The three day festival had participants not only from all over India, but from New Zealand, Australia, UK and Nepal as well.

The festival was held just at the onset of the monsoons, between June 2nd and 4th. The races included the slalom, down river, boater cross and down river marathon. The surprise package was the huge turnout for beginner’s race with over a 110 participants.

The last race was the river marathon, a team event, where the participants were randomly grouped into teams of 4, and raced down 8kms of river running through the Kali reserve forest.

None of the tasks were easy, most of the races had a rapid where the participants were required to paddle through a bottle neck called the dislocator Rapid. The weather during the festival was gloomy and rainy, drizzling all day and rainy at night.

The event was covered in detail by a team of 8.
Aditi Shastri – Videos
Adrian John – Photography & Production
Md. Faseeh – PR & Photo edits
Nithin Francis – Video Editor
Praveen Jayakarn – Photography
Puneeth Kumar – Aerial cinimatography
Supriya Vohra – Social media
Neil D’souza – Director

Marathon footage : Nth Adventure

The Raghu Dixit Project – Lokada Kalaji

The biggest challenge we faced white covering the Kali kayak festival 2017 was getting to the location. The best spots were on the other side of the river, and the only way to get there is either hitch a ride on a raft, or a Kayak. With raft’s coming in rare, and busy with safety, using the Kayaks as Taxi’s was a fun but scary experience.

The organisers for this event were Goodwave adventures and GETHNAA.

Gethnaa Home

Malabar river festival 2016 aftermovie

The Malabar river festival 2016 film is a showcase of the 3 days of kayaking, deep in the heart of Kerala. There’s a lot a to be said about this years festival, with last-minute confirmations, confusion and the insecurity that it may not happen at all. But in the end, we pulled through, had a great festival, and chilled at Chechi’s every evening over a hot cup of lemon tea.

The MRF 2016 was almost not going to happen. Government and sponsor interest was low. Athletes were unsure because of the Olympics and weak rains. But then we decided to take the crowd funding route, and the campaign gave us the much-needed initial momentum. In the end, things worked out just right, and the event was a big hit as usual.

Everyone had a great festival, despite all the odds. The Indian athletes had upped their game big time. The ladies had more to cheer for as the Rapid Rani prize money was higher than the Rapid Raja.

The local kayakers had grown a lot since last year, where they just participated, to winning most of the berths in the intermediate category this year. New events like Slacklining, SUP have expanded the festival reach.

The winner of the festival, Joe Rea-Dickins was crowned the Rapid Raja and Beth Morgan, the Rapid Rani respectively.

Shot by
Benilal V
Faseeh Md
Joe Rea-Dickins
Vivek Premsingh
Parabjeet Singh
Neil D’souza

Hyatt Noorul

Thaikkudam Bridge – One

Organised by
Goodwave adventures

Neil D’souza