After an impromptu trip with Vrinda Bhageria to Badami in March 2018, Prerna Dangi decided to make a second trip later in the same year. In her words, she was “Unable to forget the feeling of being at my limit on these vertical grounds.” This film documents some of her climbs on this sandstone mecca for climbers. Do follow her online for some crazy climbing adventures.

The film also opened and premiered the recently held IMF Mountain Film Festival in Delhi in front of the Sports and Youth Tourism Secretary.

Shot and edited by me. Thanks for the several belays by Sudhir Pawar and Rigzin Tharmangs.

Things to note when in Badami.

  • There’s many monkeys around the climbing areas. Don’t leave any bags or equipment lying around unattended. It will be ripped apart by the monkeys in search of food.
  • Good hotels in Badami are rare. And prices are keeping in mind tourists who come on weekends to the temples. You’ll have to bargain hard and mention you’re a climber to get climber rates, for staying about a week.
  • Hotel Rajsangam is generally the best available and preferred by the climbers visiting.
  • Badami is really hot. Even in the winters. But that’s the best time to climb it, winter mornings and evenings. The rock is too hot in the afternoons to climb. You’ll have to schedule your climbs according to how the route gets sun during the day.
  • The climbing area isn’t too far from the actual town, 15 minutes walking distance.
  • Food in most restaurants is cheap and delicious. You should definitely try Sri Veerbhadreshwar Lingayat Khanavali, for their meals! But be warned, waiting time can go upto 45 minutes on busy days.


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