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Tyrolean traverse training

With the Malabar river festival, close at hand, the finals this year has been decided to be held at the Arippara falls or Fire Alarm rapid. The terrain around that region is treacherous, and crossing the river or getting a shot from the middle, almost impossible. And keeping that in mind, especially for safety, there was a special Tyrolean Traverse training camp held for the climbers and photo/video team coming to the event.

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Anthargange trek

Anthargange is located about 60kms from Bangalore city, very close to Kolar. It’s just off the highway, and quite easily accessible. This also means it gets quite crowded during weekend. The trek itself is quite on the easy level. There’s a long set of steps to reach the temple, post which, is about an hour’s climb to the plateau on the top. 30 minutes if you’re fit and not stopping for too many photos.

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I have never been good at talking. Most of my life. I have a lisp, I goof up my words, make bad jokes, forget details mid-sentence etc. I’ve always surrounded myself with storytellers, but never been…

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