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All are evil

Facebook is evil, so is Microsoft, and of late, Google. So is Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal. All they want is to make the extra buck off your hard earned money.

But wait, don’t I wanna do the same off my clients?

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Have we started preferring images to the experience?

Photography now has become a commodity now, unlike how it was about 10 years ago. There’s a camera in everyone’s pocket these day. Shoot, upload and share seems to be the latest mantra. I know I’m not that old in the field myself, but that’s beside the point. A retrospective look at recent concerts and weddings have made me think : Have we started preferring images to the experience?

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Skirt the issue

Calling all the men out there (India) to come out and take a stand against the violence against women. An awareness drive started by my good friend Samarpita, to engage in conversation, storytelling, and share our insights into crimes or violation against women. To stop this idea of blaming the victim and to skirt the issue.

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The new years challenge

This post is about a week late, and will take another week or so to start taking effect. Reasons being work and exhaustion. December is usually quite a hectic month for a wedding photographer/videographer. And now rehearsals have begun for the Artists in Action dance festival in Mumbai.

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