Getting ready for a sunset wedding – Vidushi & Apoorv

The downside to being a friendly guy who pretty much gets along with everyone, is…

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Mehndi by the pool side – Vidushi & Apoorv

How do you ensure that a Mehndi party is fun?

It’s simple and I’m going to…

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#LoveLifeTravel – The trailer

How do you ensure that a Wedding is fun?

It’s simple and I’m going to give…

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A wedding reception of song and dance – Nicolette & Vinodh

Before I head to the wedding reception, let me inform you- there are two Temple…

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An emotionally packed wedding – Nicolette and Vinodh

Nicolette and Vinod’s wedding was held in one of my favourite churches, that is, the…

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Bridal makeup at home – Nicolette & Vinodh

It is always interesting shooting a bridal makeup at home. More so when the bride…

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Wedding Reception at the Ritz Carlton

The day began with the makeup session, and ended with the wedding reception at the…

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Wedding mass at St. Patricks church

Nadia & Leslie’s were blessed to have their wedding mass at St. Patricks church, Brigade…

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Makeup for the wedding day

Nadia & Leslie – A wedding that had everything. Love, drama, joy, excitement, confusion and…

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Christina and Mark’s wedding reception

Wedding receptions, while full of fun, laughter and good memories, (not to mention gifts for the…

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