Two heads off the dance floor

Saw this pic when I was going through my archives. Shot about 2 years ago, when we were shooting a wedding in Goa. The wedding reception was pretty much over, and with a few shots down, we couldn’t resist but join in the festivities. 2 minutes in and were trying all sorts of stunts on the dance floor!

Dance floor

Was actually archiving a lot of my Goa footage when I saw this. And since I’m off to Goa for the next 3 days, quite apt to say I won’t be posting over the weekend šŸ™‚

For those of you who haven’t been to the Alila Diwa, go! It costs about 8-10k per room, but is so bloody gorgeous. Its located 5 minutes off Majorda beach in South Goa. We were there a total of 4 days, and not a single moment did we want to leave the place and head to the beach.

I’ll be posting some more pictures of the Alila Diwa once I’m back. It’s a picturesque place any time of the year, even in the rains. The rains actually added to the beauty of the place. Did i forget to mention the bar area is designed by a good friend of mine, George Seemon? It’s also won quite a few architecture awards.

Well more about this wedding, it was a 3 day long ‘small wedding’ of about 40 guests. Head counts didn’t matter as everyone was involved in every ceremony and party, making it an easy job for us. The reception was where everyone went all out drunk and danced till they dropped.

And the couple’s family at one point said enough camera’s, they wanted us on the dance floor. Some leg shaking later, Claude and me decided to try some stunts. And the result of that, you can see above. Did i mention the dance floor had “Dance dance revolution” lights under it?


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