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Wedding by the beach – Vidushi & Apoorv

Vidushi and Apoorv had their wedding by the beach side, on the lawns of La Calypso. With most weddings taking place the traditional way, it was nice having the opportunity to shoot a wedding completely outdoors. I guess, it goes with their #LoveLifeTravel motto.

The backdrop was perfect, with the sun setting behind the wedding mantap. It was quite hot, but luckily for us the January sun in Goa is quite bearable. Plus there was plenty of breeze from the beach that kept everyone cool and their hair looking good (god-forbid that went wrong).

The wedding mantap and decor were intricate and it was obvious that a lot of effort had gone into ensuring that everything was perfectly designed and arranged. The theme was purple and white. They got a vintage car for the baraat. Lots of sweat and alcohol went into making sure everyone had a blast. Lots of people from the bride’s side switched loyalties, and jumped into the baraat (the traitors, but we’ll understand).

The priest kept the mood light, with his English translations of the scriptures. He even gave a modern-day interpretation of what it actually meant. The most epic moment happened immediately after the marriage ceremony where I had to push all the guests and other self-invited photographers off the stage, so that I could take a lovely silhouette of the couple with the sun setting between them.

Second shot by Deepashree S and Faseeh MD

Photographer tip

A sunset wedding usually means a blown out and white background. Especially if the sun is setting behind the couple. One needs to get creative with the shots. Avoid shooting from straight in front, use side angles to get some nice side light on the face. Also get creative with wide shots, using the sun for flares.

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