Been busy with shoots and functions. One of them being my grandmother turning 75 over the last week. Just got the time to put up the pictures. Was so in the moment, i forgot to taste the birthday cake myself šŸ™

Birthday cake

Birthday cake Grandma turns 75-1

I love the pic where my grandma is cutting the birthday cake, while her 2 eldest daughters look on with a glint in their eyes. My dad is taking in the moment and smiling, while my uncle is surprised by the party poppers.

The mass was held in St. Vincent Ferrer Church, or Valencia church as its more popularly known as. 20th of April was chosen as the day, as a saturday was convenient for people dropping in from all over the world. And wishes did flow in from plenty of countries.

After the mass, the reception was held in the same church’s hall, on the 2nd floor. Proceedings began at 8, and lets just say we ended way past the allowed time. Food was good, so was the alcohol (judging by the missing men most of the time).

The reception was mostly an oldie’s affair. A lot of speeches about how my grandma had enriched their lives. I had to finally step in, and break the monotony with a last-minute mock rock I came up with. The cousins pitched in with their acting skills. Michelle ended the stage hogging with a delightful freestyle performance.

The music blared, we danced, I got slapped for not remembering aunt’s, caught up with cousins I didn’t know I had, ate and called it a night!

Photographer tip – If your stuck with just one lens for a shoot, god bless you. Mangalore does not have a single store that rents lenses, for which I had to suffer. Business idea anyone?


  1. prem May 6, 2013 at 11:57 am

    nice pics sir.

    1. Neil Dsouza May 9, 2013 at 9:55 am

      Please don’t call me sir šŸ™‚ And thanks Prem..


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