Calling all the men out there (India) to come out and take a stand against the violence against women. An awareness drive started by my good friend Samarpita, to engage in conversation, storytelling, and share our insights into crimes or violation against women. To stop this idea of blaming the victim and to skirt the issue.

Skirt the issue


So join Adithya Mallya (in pic), Samarpita, me and a whole lot of others this Saturday, January 12 at 4 PM. If you’re in Bangalore (with or without a skirt) come to Cubbon Park, opposite Bal Bhavan, where the rock is, adjacent to the Victoria statue. If you’re not, you can still arrange for it in your city.

As Samarpita puts it, this is an awareness initiative. This is NOT a protest/march/procession/demonstration, so please make sure there are NO PLACARDS, NO POSTERS, NO SLOGANS. You can write your message on a piece of white paper and cello-tape it onto your t-shirts.

You can follow updates on this event on Facebook. The famous illustrator Alicia Souza has also chipped in with her take on it.

Skirt the issue


Something that Adithya and me agreed over a discussion at a party. Nothings going to change unless men talk about it. We need to start small, and strong. Start from educating within the family, teaching them respect, and to how to treat human beings.

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