Exteriors at 100ft boutique hotel in Indiranagar, Bangalore

I just expanded my range of photography to architecture the last month. I got to shoot the interiors and exteriors of 100ft boutique hotel, located on 100ft road in Indiranagar. It was quite a learning experience with the other photographer Naresh Shetti.

100ft boutique hotel

100ft happens to be an Italian styled boutique hotel, nestled among the trees, in a quiet patch on 100ft road. I guess it took its name from the road its established on. Its been there for quite a few years, and only recently been refurbished under the watchful eyes of Naresh.

The food was above average, while the service was quick. The waiters know their stuff, and are generally polite and smiling. They even have a tiny market place for artefacts inside. The 1st floor also sells paintings, and opens out into the bar and a larger seating area.

Shot over a whole day, architecture shoots, I learnt can be quite intricate and detailed. Everything has to sit according to the Italian style. Right from the decorations, to the way they are placed. And lighting can get tricky in places where there is light shooting in from open windows.

Photographer tip – Architecture photography almost always requires you to carry at least 2-3 lights. Different corners have different intensities, and lighting everything uniformly is where the trick lies. Every artefact in the background matters, no matter how small it is. If it isn’t required in the shot, take it off!

One also has to keep in mind the mood/theme the property is trying to establish, and shoot accordingly. 100ft boutique hotel wanted a very flat and classy look, so no sharp edges, not exciting angles or warm interiors.


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