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Christina and Mark’s wedding dream come true

Christina & Mark 372

We all have someone we look up to in life; some are on t.v. while some in real life. It is a rare luxury. Hence, it was really special to me when Christina mentioned that I was someone she really looked up to all her life. We grew up a few streets away from each other, with different views on life but one thing we’ve both shared is that special corner for each other- something words can’t describe.

We’d made many a plan to meet a better half, but that somehow never materialized. So on that day when we were about to launch some balloons in commemoration of the nuptials, Mark walked up to me, and barked at the audience, “Everyone this is Neil. Listen to what he says’. I knew then and there that she had made the right choice.

I was overjoyed on being chosen to spend the most special day of her life by her side, capturing all the drama, colour, preparations, and emotions. The wedding was absolutely beautiful; Christina being the perfectionist that she is was ‘Bridezilla’ on the day making sure everything was perfect. Mark, on other hand, was just waiting to get out of his suit, since it was a hot May afternoon.

The mass was at St. Joseph’s boys high school auditorium and the reception was at St. Thomas church hall. The décor was mostly Christina and her friends.


Shoot as much as possible on prime lenses. They give this feel to the photos that I can’t describe. It may be a small compromise on framing and may be cumbersome to keep changing lenses, but the final image is worth all the extra work.

Leave all your worldly connections behind and just breathe through your shoots.

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