Haven’t been to a concert in a couple of months. Been busy travelling and editing. And a good way to kick off 3 different concerts I’m shooting is to start of with the 3rd anniversary gig of Clown with a frown live at the Humming Tree. Pitch in the Black Ice crew doing a surprise performance in the packed audience, and we have show to entertain all the senses 🙂

The gig was a huge hit. 3 years and 10 member strong Clown with a Frown, while occupying the whole stage, had the whole venue also occupied. There were anniversary cupcakes flowing through the audience. Hannah, the vocalist’s birthday, and Black Ice crew killing in on a floor packed tight. An impromptu fire show by Sam, the bartender was the cherry on top.

Let me tell you, you are guaranteed a treat for all the senses for any gig of CWAF. And that’s why I love shooting for them. Never a dull moment. The world needs to make bigger stages for this band. 10 members on stage demand some generous real estate!

Photography tip –

Lights and smoke make any concert/gig look awesome one photos. If you’re a band, make sure you have them on stage. Secondly, if you’re a photographer, stay close to the smoke machine for some beautiful light play. Lastly, avoid the powerful lasers hitting your camera’s sensor directly. We’ve lost 2 Canon 5D mk III’s sensors that way.

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