Its been quite  a while since I’ve posted. Been busy with setting up my new company. More on that in upcoming posts, though. In the meantime, a picture of the band Lagori, performing  Boom Shankar on Brigade road. Part of the music video I’m shooting for them.

Boom Shankar

Bangalore LAGORI’FIED with Boom Shankar

I had one of the most EPIC moments at Brigade Road while shooting a music video for the song Boom Shankar by Lagori. Around 1000 lovely people on one of the busiest roads in the city, just singing and dancing along like there’s no tomorrow. To capture all that was way beyond what I was prepared for.

This was easily the craziest and best thing they’ve(Lagori) ever done! Something on the lines of the band U2 making the video for “The streets have no name”.

All set and prepared for the gig early in the morning, we got a small taste of what was in store during the sound check at 4pm. People were already gathering and groups of people were looking up wondering what was happening. We had to get off stage immediately before we drew too much attention before our time slot.

But come 5pm and the concert began. Barely 2 minutes in, and the traffic had come to a standstill. It was getting crazy. People were stopping all over the road and footpaths, trying to join in with the music.

30 minutes, and 3 songs down. The rain gods played spoil sport and wrapped up the concert. I was happy with the footage I had. Now its time to sit on the system, and edit away.

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