Amitha & Anup

Amitha & Anup, church wedding in Goa

church wedding

Goa has this beautiful charm to it, that I can’t begin to describe. Having been there over 20 times, I still don’t think I’m qualified to discuss it. And I feel this is same charm that Amitha & Anup have felt for Goa, which is why they kept their church wedding there. The wedding mass was celebrated in St. Alex church, which is quite close to Calangute beach.

The preparations for the wedding can be found here.The mass was a solemn affair as usual. The heat was not helping the men in suits. The priest was a jovial old fellow, and everything was going good. Until the videographer arrived. I was informed last-minute that the parent’s had booked one last-minute.

And that happened to be my first experience with video fellows with their halogen lights. It was horrendous. I couldn’t ask him to switch it off, nor did I know how to counter it. All my photos started getting blown out. That’s when I realised shooting at 90┬ádegrees from his lights was a saving grace.

The soap bubbles idea outside the church was brilliant I thought. Just as the couple exited the church. Didn’t do enough justice to it.

Photographer tip : Videographers with their halogen lights are a pain. Always put a clause in your brief to the couple, to not use them, else there is no point in having candid photographers. The heat they generate is another big issue. And they block the view of the guests, and scar the interior decor.

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