Amitha and Anup’s couple shoot at the Vivanta by Taj

My first ever couple shoot. It was nerve-wracking. And I must’ve been quite an actor to not show it. Couple shoots, till then, was stuff I only got too as the final product. Actually shooting one, I learnt, is a different ball game. And my inexperience in communication gave me away a little. But at the end of the day, I think the pictures came out pretty well.

couple shootAmitha & Anup-69Amitha & Anup-70Amitha & Anup-71Amitha & Anup-72Amitha & Anup-73Amitha & Anup-74Amitha & Anup-76Amitha & Anup-77couple shootAmitha & Anup-79Amitha & Anup-80Amitha & Anup-83Amitha & Anup-85Amitha & Anup-86Amitha & Anup-88Amitha & Anup-89couple shootAmitha & Anup-91

Since the couple were staying at the Vivanta by Taj for their honeymoon, we decided to do a fun couple shoot the next day. The location was beautiful, on top of the hill, adjacent fort Aguada. The only thing was this ugly fence meant to not let people fall across the cliff.

In a couple shoot, having an assistant helps. You can have the assistant come up with ideas, while you’re busy shooting. They can help you with props, and sometimes even add to the photo.

This is a shoot where I learnt quite a few things.

1. The golden hour is critical. After that, don’t bother, unless you have an idea that can use the low light.

2. See what the couple is comfortable doing. No use trying to push your ideas, if they’re not up to it. No matter how awesome you think it may look.

3. Discuss with the couple, and build on chemistry between them. Amitha and Anup, loved their shades n wine. And to see that, in their photos, is better than an awesome location.

4. Always, aways have backup ideas.

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