Ankita & Akshaye

Ankita and Akshaye’s wedding pooja ceremony

posted by Neil Dsouza September 14, 2013 0 comments

The wedding pooja ceremony was the most holy, and sober of the 3 days of wedding party. Not much fanfare or celebrations. But it was held in this beautiful hall in the Golden Palms resort, with a balcony view, and a central skylight tower. Shot with Claude and Tina.

pooja2 pooja3  pooja6   pooja9 wedding pooja pooja11  pooja13 pooja14   pooja17 wedding pooja pooja19 pooja20  pooja22 pooja23    pooja27 pooja28

Photography editing tip – Never go mad with your colours. Keep a certain mood, and change the filter only for a few specific shots. Never go beserk with the filters. I did 😀

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