Melissa & Dheeraj

A fun filled open air wedding reception – Melissa & Dheeraj

The open air wedding reception of Melissa and Dheeraj was a fun-filled affair. It was held at Milagres hall grounds. The whole affair was wonderfully orchestrated by the emcee, Senek. His experience and knowledge of how to pace weddings and to ensure that everyone is entertained has truly earned him the title of ‘master of many weddings’ or jack-of-all-weddings. I’m not sure which one is better. Heck, he can have both.

The party was full of tradition, dancing, alcohol and gossip, like any good, self-respecting wedding reception. Aunties sat huddled in groups, chattering away to glory, while children pranced about collecting confetti bits and chasing each other with their hassled designated adult following close behind and everyone generally had a good time (except. probably, the aforementioned hassled adults).

The only drawback visually to the open air wedding reception was that the venue was surrounded by some really ugly buildings that creeped up in the pictures. The trick then meant that I had to shoot everything tight, and concentrate on the expression and emotions of the wedding reception, which wasn’t too difficult with both families being a very cheerful lot.

Dheeraj being my uncle by relation, would often check on me, if all was good, and if he was looking good. Made sure I got on the dance floor, and also got some behind the scene, post party shots at the honeymoon suite. Something you won’t find in this album of course :)

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