Melissa & Dheeraj

And they’re hitched – Melissa & Dheeraj

The wedding mass was held at St. Vincent Ferrer Church, Valencia, at 5pm. In case this name does not sound familiar to you, that’s mostly because it probably isn’t. Melissa and Dheeraj got hitched in Mangalore, which I don’t think I mentioned (or maybe I did. Anyway, I’m reminding you).

I had a blast shooting with the groom and his best-men as the other video team seemed to be completely obsessed with the bride so I let them do their thing. The best-men were also my cousins, so it was more of a family thing. We were early to church, and decided to click some pre-wedding fun moments.

The mass was celebrated by an army of around 20 priests. The couple seemed a little nervous at the beginning, but the smiles ensued once the sermon was underway. Shooting family members always makes one thing easy for me. Knowing the important people and making sure they are seen in the photos. Else, with my memory track record, I tend to forget the people I’m supposed to shoot.

The army of photographers and videographers from PhotoSynthe also kept me busy, moving in and out of my frame. It is always a challenge with another team shooting simultaneously. But knowing that they do a good job, I could keep my focus on my angles and not worry about what angles I was missing.

By the time mass was over, it was pitch black outside, and no family photos could be taken, so we headed straight to the reception.

  • Antony Pratap
    April 10, 2016Reply

    Nice set, like the tones too. Cheers.

    • Neil Dsouza
      April 10, 2016Reply

      Thanks Antony :)

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