Melissa & Dheeraj

Of distracted photographers and makeup artists – Melissa & Dheeraj

posted by Neil Dsouza April 6, 2016 0 comments

The bride’s makeup session happened at the IRA (the lifestyle village in Mangalore). I was privileged to shoot alongside Pritham from Metal Farmer Photography and Photosynthe. The best part about shooting with him was definitely testing his new gear. It was a room full of distracted photographers and makeup artists, as we were complimenting each others gear.

But between us, we managed to keep the bride smiling throughout. Although, there was a point when the makeup artist and us photographers were having such a good time, we completely forgot about the star of the show- the bride (awful). Thankfully, my hilarious (bad) jokes came to the rescue and once she had been appeased, I headed off to shoot the groom.

The groom’s ‘dress-up’ was cosier, being held at his home. As all the groomsmen were my cousins, and the groom my uncle by relation, it was easy to have a good time despite the heat of the traditional-video guy’s hot and bright lights. We took a bunch of family photos after which we headed out. The church was a short walk across the street from the groom’s house, which was, in my opinion, one of the coolest ways to get to your own wedding.

Written by Athaliah.

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