Melissa & Dheeraj

Post wedding couple shoot – Melissa & Dheeraj

If you ask me what a good challenge at a post wedding couple shoot is, it’s this- a couple shoot with a pair that aren’t exactly the “couply” type. The kind of couple that’s practical and just doesn’t fit into the stereotypical couple role. Most of the couples who request me for a shoot always say that they’re not too comfortable in front of a camera, or aren’t the pose-y types. Melissa and Dheeraj were no different.

The trick here is to be yourself with your partner, so when you’re completely comfortable, it allows you to unwind and eventually, get into the groove of the shoot, and come up with really good moments worth capturing. That’s how you get the good shots in at the end of the day- just be yourself and the shots come naturally.

Sometimes, it’s best to not choreograph your shoot, but let things just play out. Have a basic outline of what you want, keeping in mind the couple and their personalities, and let the couple take it forwards themselves. You’ll be surprised at how natural the “poses” come. When you give it enough time, and all rules like “no PDA”, “no hand holding”, and all the other I’m-so-camera-shy excuses fly out of the window.

Shot at Tile Factory, Mangalore.

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