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Bridal makeup at home – Nicolette & Vinodh

It is always interesting shooting a bridal makeup at home. More so when the bride is someone you’ve known for a long time. Nicolette has always been the one mysterious girl in my life. We were in touch for a while in my post teen years and lost touch after she moved to Australia (and refuses to be on Facebook. The irony, since her brother works for Facebook.) Basically, it’s quite difficult getting in touch with her. I digress. Back to makeup shoots and weddings.

Nicolette lives in this beautiful home tucked away in a corner of Horamavu. I instantly fell in love with the house. It was perfect for a lot of accessory shots. It was abuzz with amily running around, last minute details and Nicolette’s affinity for being on time, lots of conversation and emotion. It was quite an emotionally charged atmosphere.

Borrowing an old idea from Claude, I also got the couple to do some shots that better define their personalities. It is always fun when a couple is game to try new things.

Second shot by Deepashree S.
Written by Athaliah.


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