Sapna & Nithin, a short and sweet south Indian wedding

Sapna & Nithin happen to be the sweetest couple I’d shot till then. Completely down to earth, and with a smile all the time. The parents were just as sweet. One south Indian wedding I’ll never forget.

Sapna & Nithin-22  Sapna & Nithin-26 Sapna & Nithin-28   Sapna & Nithin-32 Sapna & Nithin-34 Sapna & Nithin-38  Sapna & Nithin-44  Sapna & Nithin-51 Sapna & Nithin-57 Sapna & Nithin-58 south Indian wedding Sapna & Nithin-61 south Indian wedding  Sapna & Nithin-64  Sapna & Nithin-69       Sapna & Nithin-81 Sapna & Nithin-82  Sapna & Nithin-90   Sapna & Nithin-96   Sapna & Nithin-101 Sapna & Nithin-102  Sapna & Nithin-106 Sapna & Nithin-107    Sapna & Nithin-117

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