Vidushi & Apoorv

Getting ready for a sunset wedding – Vidushi & Apoorv

The upside to being a friendly guy who pretty much gets along with everyone, is that after a while, you start bumping into people you know at every shoot. As was the scenario in another recent shoot, I happened to know the make up artist, Minette Pereira. She was in-charge of making Vidushi look her best for the upcoming sunset wedding.

She was a good friend of mine from Goa, and we instantly got to chatting. As usual the bride starting feeling left out, and my bad jokes came to the rescue making her laugh and saving the day (these bad jokes always are handy. Maybe that’s another photographer tip: Have bad jokes handy). Deepashree woman-ned up and took charge of the shoot on the groom’s side which seemed to be less eventful (I like to believe that fun follows me [I’m kidding]).

Very rarely do Punjabi weddings happen on time, but in a rare occurence, the bride was ready even before the baraat could start! So we managed to sneak out and take some spinning shots of her lehenga. I definitely give bonus points to the venue, which was beautiful, intricate and symmetric.

Second shot by Deepashree S. Written by Athaliah.

Photographer Tip

The makeup session is the most stressful moment for a bride. One of the most important things to remember is that you make them feel comfortable when they’re getting ready. This is of utmost importance as it helps get good shots in and also serves as an ice-breaker if you haven’t spent too much time with the couple.

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