Vidushi & Apoorv

Mehndi by the pool side – Vidushi & Apoorv

How do you ensure that a Mehndi party is fun?

It’s simple and I’m going to give you a recipe for it.


1 Bride, preferably ready to be married

1 Groom, also in the same condition

Some close friends (number isn’t specified as it varies according to personal preference)

Mehndi and artists

Pool (in this case, it came with the La Calypso Hotel)

Colourful things


2 excitable photographers


1). On a sunny day, arrange all the colourful things around a pool. Preferably one in Goa and pay close attention to detail. Colourful things should not be overdone or underdone, but cooked to perfection.

2). Even though it seems early, introduce the photographers. It will look like they seem harassed, but they are having fun.

3). Introduce Bride and Groom (to be) to the mix. Trickle in guests.

4). Set up Mehndi artist and step back and watch

The day was a huge success overall. The guests were full of energy and it was easy for us to run around and get some good shots in as people were having tonnes of fun and posing voluntarily for the camera. Since the party was by the pool side, it was a huge hit with the guys (usually, mehndi parties cater to women and have a bunch of sad looking men waiting around for food). The party had something for everyone.


Written by Athaliah. Second shot by Faseeh.

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