Vidushi & Apoorv

Wedding reception and sangeet in one – Vidushi & Apoorv

They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and it honestly feels like I’ve taken over a thousand pictures at the reception. Vidushi and Apoorv had a lively wedding reception sangeet combined into one dance filled night. It didn’t have any of the airs that some receptions tend to have and was largely informal. It was held at the hall of the La Calypso hotel.

What struck me most at this reception was the high energy dancing, not only from the guests, but also from the couple. They astounded everyone with their high energy dance moves that were subtly combined with a few romantic manoeuvres. Everyone was on their feet at some point during the reception and even us photographers got a couple of shakes in when no one else was looking.

Second shot by Deepashree S and Faseeh MD.
Written by Athaliah.

Photographer tip

Lighting up the stage from under, without ambient light, is a very tricky position. The light source, is from below, and all over, so you can’t really compensate for it, unless you use a flash. Always carry one, and know your ceiling well.

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