Vinith & Nikhil

Bridal makeup for the wedding day – Vinith & Nikhil

Bridal makeup

Vinith and Nikhil, both have been good friends of mine from a few years, having met for the first time in Goa. So there was already a fluency in the pictures they wanted, and the mood set for the wedding. The bridal makeup was more of getting to know the bridesmaids, than the bride.

By way, this is one of those weddings, where I just kept shooting and shooting. New things to shoot at every turn. Always makes for an interesting day of shoot.

bridal makeup

The runaway bride

Sometimes you’ve to look at the fun side of things, like in this picture title “The Runaway bride”. You can’t always be hunting for beautiful frames, but for frames that make sense to you. Be it at home, in a service apartment, a hotel room or a green room.

Makeup by Tanya Valsaraj.
Second shot by Vivian Ambrose.
Shot on Canon 5DmkIII and Canon lenses.
Equipment by Rectangle Studios.

Photographer tip for bridal makeup

Always look around your surroundings for shots and ideas. While one may come prepared with a set idea of photos, it always helps to improvise on the spot. Knowledge of surroundings, is as important to a wedding photographer, as is knowledge of the camera.


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