Malabar River Festival

The Malabar River Festival is Asia’s biggest white water kayaking festival.

More than 50 contestants from over 20 countries participate in this four-year-old event, held during the gushing monsoon season every year in Malabar, Kerala. Four-time world extreme kayaking champion Sam Sutton from New Zealand,  Two-time world extreme kayaking champion Joe Morley from the United Kingdom, 2012 London Olympics finalist Mike Dawson from New Zealand and noted kayaker from Italy Max Benetton are among the big names to be featured are a part of  the competition

With the sudden showers and the harsh sunlight, kayaking in Kerala is a little unpredictable, taking this festival to a whole new level.  Kerala has a supportive community, and locals from all over the state keenly attend the four-day kayaking festival.  

Shot by Praveen Jayakaran, Parabjeet Singh, Adrian D’silva, Aditi Shastri, Nithin Francis, Faseeh Md, Simi Jassal, Neil D’souza. Edit by Faseeh Md, Adrian D’silva, Simi Jassal.
Client : Goodwave Adventures