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An all boys Goa trip

This is what you get when you combine the athleticism of Ansul, creativity of Johnny and a full bunch of sportive boys. First time experiencing an all boys Goa trip, and it will be amongst my top 3 of all time. Hands down. One mad video of the trip coming soon.

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Lunch with DJ Jasmeet

One of the perks of my work is I get to meet people whose work I closely follow, like the only bollywood DJ I can listen to, DJ Jasmeet. Yes, it’s people eating (the sacrilege of shooting people eating), but having lunch along with him is so much fun! Oh and I don’t like doing the, group shot with celeb types. It’s so not natural.

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Shooting kids games for ASDA

Kids! Never been too fond of them. Noisy, bratty, hyper and jumping on your back types. This however was a new experience for me. My close friend Ansul runs ASDA (Ansul’s Dance Academy), which works primarily with kids. Wasn’t really sure if I could deliver when he wanted me to shoot some kids games and dance movement, but I have this issue of not being able to say no 🙂

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