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An all boys Goa trip

This is what you get when you combine the athleticism of Ansul, creativity of Johnny and a full bunch of sportive boys. First time experiencing an all boys Goa trip, and it will be amongst my top 3 of all time. Hands down. One mad video of the trip coming soon.

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Selfie on the road to Goa

Full missing scenes is happening with the peeps at Tarantismo. Haven’t been dancing in more than 2 months. Laziness is setting in. To top it off, everyone’s scattered across cities and countries now. Shot of us of our last trip to Goa, shot somewhere on the road to Goa’s Calangute beach.

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Two heads off the dance floor

Saw this pic when I was going through my archives. Shot about 2 years ago, when we were shooting a wedding in Goa. The wedding reception was pretty much over, and with a few shots down, we couldn’t resist but join in the festivities. 2 minutes in and were trying all sorts of stunts in the dance floor!

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