malabar river festival

Malabar river festival 2016 aftermovie

August 6, 2017 0 comments

The Malabar river festival 2016 film is a showcase of the 3 days of kayaking, deep in the heart of Kerala. There’s a lot a to be said about this years festival, with last-minute confirmations, confusion…

Selfie with the Kayaking champions of the world

August 2, 2014 0 comments

Somehow managed to get some of the biggest Kayaking champions of the world to fit in a selfie with me. Taken during the inaugural function of the Annual Malabar river festival held in Kodancherry, Kerala, India. Sam Sutton and Mira Kodada still hadn’t landed in town.

Malabar express, on the rocks

July 29, 2014 3 Comments

So there’s this pretty french girl who was dodging my camera for 3 days, while I was shooting for the Malabar river festival. And on the 4th day, was in a precarious position in the water, just below the most famous rapid, called the Malabar Express and this happened.