Terms and Conditions for websites

  1. All charges for the services will be estimated and approved by the client before they are commissioned.
  2. The entire project will be broken up into phases and work on each phase will begin only after payment for that has been processed.
  3. I will be free to use all rejected creative work, as it sees fit, six months after it has been presented.
  4. All bills (other than the commencement fee) will be settled within 14 working days of presenting the bills.
  5. The costs quoted in this proposal (unless specifically mentioned) only include services thatI provide in-house and does not include the cost of any outsourced or third party services. Such services typically include buying of fonts, calligraphy and specially outsourced illustrations. A supplementary estimate will be provided if any of theses services are found to be required and approval will be obtained from the client. A liaison fee of 10% will be levied on the total value of the order when required to source any products / services for the client from a third party vendor.
  6. Changes in design : After the first presentation of designs, the client will need to decide on one design and the way forward. The design fee includes the cost of 2 rounds of iteration, if required. If the client requires further rounds of iteration, the scope of work will be mutually discussed, and a supplementary estimate will be raised for additional work involved.
  7. Rejection of design : In the event that all of the designs presented are considered unacceptable in terms of quality by the client, and no revision is considered possible either by the client or me, the work may be considered rejected and I will bill a rejection fee @ 50% of the total fee. All rejected work and work that is not paid for in full remains my property, and I retain the copyright to all such work.
  8. I prefer working one point of contact for the duration of the project, to prevent conflicts of interest.
  9. Changes in design/features once the design is approved, will lead to change in deadlines, and in extreme cases, changes of cost also.
  10. Content and images/video updation is not included as part of the website, unless specifically mentioned so. The website will be considered ready and delivered once all work from my end is completed, irrespective of content being provided by the client.

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