Things to note for a wedding shoot

I love Indian weddings for the intricacy and the joy. And i do my best to showcase that, in the most un-obstructive way.

Please refrain from calling too many other photogprahers/video graphers. It cramps the wedding ceremonies, ruins your photos, and also ruins the experience for the guests. Too many photographers ruins my angles, and tend to get on my patience at times, which means I’m not at my best.

If you have videographers, please make sure they are not using the halogen lights. The light is too strong and ruins the photos. If they are adamant, please ask them to bounce it onto the roof.

For outdoor ceremonies, early morning and evening daylight and are best conditions. Indoor ceremonies are fine as long as they have a white ceiling. Outdoor ceremonies in the night is my toughest situation, but i can manage. I do not carry any lights, not do i need any. Too much a distraction.

Please provide me with a contact number close to the family other than the couple, who will know the event schedule.

For out-of-town shoots, with multiple events/venues, i will need transport organised.

Lastly, i work best on a well fed stomach.

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