Thanks to our travel partner AirAsia and its awesome inaugural offer of 999 bucks a flight tickets, 8 boys landed in Goa, why means, just because. 2 and a half days of non PMS’ing fun and madness ensued. Absolutely no responsibility was shown. Ladies and rowdy boys, this is how one spends an all boys Goa trip.

This video being a product of a 10 month old drunk promise on New Years, any resemblance to anyone real is purely intentional. Please shake well before use, and share after view. Please don’t try this at home, only in Goa.

Shot without permission all over. Broke a few rules. Broke some public property. Actually no. We pay our taxes now so it hurts. Danced in the rain. Ran in the puddles. Made a fool out of ourselves on the streets. Did not compliment each other on their clothes. Acted like little boys. Win!

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