The Malabar river festival 2016 film is a showcase of the 3 days of kayaking, deep in the heart of Kerala. There’s a lot a to be said about this years festival, with last-minute confirmations, confusion and the insecurity that it may not happen at all. But in the end, we pulled through, had a great festival, and chilled at Chechi’s every evening over a hot cup of lemon tea.

The MRF 2016 was almost not going to happen. Government and sponsor interest was low. Athletes were unsure because of the Olympics and weak rains. But then we decided to take the crowd funding route, and the campaign gave us the much-needed initial momentum. In the end, things worked out just right, and the event was a big hit as usual.

Everyone had a great festival, despite all the odds. The Indian athletes had upped their game big time. The ladies had more to cheer for as the Rapid Rani prize money was higher than the Rapid Raja.

The local kayakers had grown a lot since last year, where they just participated, to winning most of the berths in the intermediate category this year. New events like Slacklining, SUP have expanded the festival reach.

The winner of the festival, Joe Rea-Dickins was crowned the Rapid Raja and Beth Morgan, the Rapid Rani respectively.

Shot by
Benilal V
Faseeh Md
Joe Rea-Dickins
Vivek Premsingh
Parabjeet Singh
Neil D’souza

Hyatt Noorul

Thaikkudam Bridge – One

Organised by
Goodwave adventures

Neil D’souza

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