Above and Beyond TATW 450 Group Therapy setup

For all those who missed the show, and for all those who celebrated the first Above and Beyond TATW 450 Group Therapy session, here’s how it all began. A time-lapse of how the venue came up. Pity I wasn’t there the day they mounted the roof on top.

Shot over a period of 5 hours at the Jayamahal Palace, Bangalore. It was an impromptu shoot, where I had to pitch in for somebody else who couldn’t make it last-minute. Stood in shade, sun, and on a 10 foot rickety platform. Perils of doing a time-lapse.

And if shooting the Above and Beyond TATW 450 Group Therapy 001 wasn’t enough, I even got to witness it first hand. The music was brilliant, with an awesome set of opening acts to warm up the crowd. Pity the VIP section who as usual, are pushed to a corner. Some crazy visuals, and  lighting effects and party props made the festival a night to remember!

Photographer and Videographer tip – Always, and from this experience, always keep your equipment charged and ready at all times. You never know when somebody needs you for a shoot, and like they say, opportunity doesn’t knock twice!

Above and Beyond – an excerpt from their site

On 10 November at 10.30am GMT Above & Beyond will begin their epic 6 hour broadcast live from #TATW450 India. Not only is the event a celebration of the 450th episode of Trance Around The World, it also signals the launch of Above & Beyond’s brand new radio show, Group Therapy. Join us for ABGT001 and be a part of the biggest ever Group Therapy experience.


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