Pebble the Jungle Lounge, Palace grounds, Bangalore

Pebble the Jungle Lounge is one of Bangalore’s most popular nightclubs, known for its eclectic musical tastes and brilliantly crafted natural ambience. Located in the event hub of the city, Palace grounds, this is a favourite jaunt for a lot of cultural activities also. One of crazy sites I worked with every night, for days on end, shredding my brain molecules.

pebble the jungle lounge

pebble the jungle lounge pebble the jungle lounge

While the site design is slightly raw and minimalistic, that’s what the jungle lounge intends. The site also changes color randomly for every visit. With transitions and effects and what not, this is one site I think that pushed me to my coding limits.

While not on any CMS, the site has been coded such that one has to simply upload text files in a sequence, to update the content. Some simple jQuery and ajax magic. Rope in some php, and you one hell of a website that lean, green, mean, animated and heavy on the browser.

View it on your mobile at your own risk.

Pebble the jungle lounge is also home to a lot of famous cultural events in the city like kitsch mandi and Sunday soul sante. One can find the page 3 folk of Bangalore quite often at these events. And if you’re the types who likes custom goods and artsy artefacts, you should find yourself here too.

Pebble’s weekly and monthly musical line up involves – Mellow minimal house, Progressively uplifting trance, Vibrant psychedelic trance, Thumping Drums n’ Bass, Addictive Electro-Tech House, Rocking Retro Tunes and lots of international artists features.

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