One of the most innovative site’s I’ve ever made has to be Rasta Cafe.

If there is one site that pull my hair out in the middle of the night, it’s this one. To give it credit, I underestimated the complexities and subtle issues it would bring forth. But it does bring out the true flavour and feel that Rasta intends for its customers. It’s as unique as the cafe itself, which is located a good 40km away from the city on the bustling Bangalore-Mysore Highway.

Site : Rasta Cafe Designer : Go Straight Take Right

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The site while originally designed to be powered by WordPress, but later made fully on HTML because of the many complexities involved. Very heavy on the system, but the visual treat is worth it.

A small excerpt from the their site –

Rasta cafe – “Redefining Lifestyle and Leisure”

Only a 40 minute drive from the heart of Bangalore city on Mysore road will bring you to a reality that you could have only dreamt of. “WELCOME TO RASTA” Close to 3 acres of space dedicated to ensure that time spent here is comfortable, relaxed and memorable. Call it a getaway or a pit-stop on the highway, when you enter Rasta Cafe, you enter a zone that is as fast or slow-paced as you want it to be.

The colours and ambience of this Lifestyle café are sure to inspire in you a sense of freedom. Rasta comes from our need to unwind and take a moment from our fast paced lives to spend some quality time with our friends and family. We drew our aesthetic inspirations from the Rastafarian setting which is built on the pillars of brotherhood, love, unity, respect, and peace along with the colours and music which bring alive an ambience that is vibrant and yet relaxed. This is Rasta and you are all welcome.

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