About Neil Productions

Hi there,

If you’ve seen the film Ratatouille, there’s a famous line by its main character Chef Gusteau, which goes “Anyone can cook”. In a similar way, I believe anyone can take a picture, or make a video. But I take those extra few steps to tell a good story.

I also work with a team that delivers visual stories—in the form of photos and videos, from around the world. We’ve shot for award-winning campaigns, World cups, government affiliated events, and have been featured in a variety of magazines.

You can find my work on YoutubeFacebook, Vimeo, Twitter and Instagram.

I founded Neil Productions in 2014. Before heading my own production house, I founded 2 startups, and worked as the head of web development and assistant DOP at 1st December Films.

The team is an eclectic mix of web developers, dancers, athletes, teachers, audiophiles, scuba divers, fitness and adventure sports enthusiasts. We strongly believe that we bring all of this experience to the work table. We like to take time and understand the larger picture, and when we do deliver – it’s worth the time taken. Because anyone can take a photo, but it takes a gifted person to tell the story.

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