saiyyan lyric video

Saiyyan lyric video teaser

A small teaser to tomorrow’s release of Saiyyan lyric video I shot for Lagori. A big shoutout to Ashel Unger for bearing my noob directorial skills, and Shilpa Johar for assisting me on the shoot.

Counter culture Bangalore

Lagori at Counter Culture Bangalore

Was at Counter Culture Bangalore, last night to watch the Finals of the FIFA world cup, along with a 1000+ people who come to stay up late in Sunday night. Was fun to finally see the football frenzy in Bangalore.

traditional mangalorean wedding

Michelle & Daryl, a traditional Mangalorean wedding in Bangalore

Its that age, when close friends of mine are getting married. Not that I’m complaining, especially when I know both of them from my childhood. Wishing Michelle and Daryl all the best, and a couple of kids to boot :) There’s something in a traditional Mangalorean wedding, that words can’t describe. But maybe a picture can?

sao joao36

Missed the Sao Joao at Goa

Well I might’ve missed the Sao Joao at Goa, but I did manage to have a good time with friends, and also found time to put the new tablet I got, to task. 5 days of sun, rain, alcohol, technology and fun :)


Air guitar at an all new level

Was in Goa last week to celebrate Sao Jao along with the locals. While that didn’t quite work out, I did manage to get some quirky shots elsewhere. This one’s below the bridge at Miramar beach. Reminds me of a guitar fretboard, taking the term air guitar to an all new level.


But first, let me take a selfie

Goa. The best place for taking a break in India. My affair with her continues, come monsoon or not. Gonna be back to work full speed, once one of the best vacations I’ve had finishes today :)

bride and prejudice

Bride and Prejudice

I’m the most beautiful girl on the wedding day. The epitome of honour. The bearer of light and love. The one who will sacrifice all for her husband. The one who… balls.. I’m hungry, gimme a pack of Oreo’s. –