Kali Kayak Festival

The Kali Kayak festival 2017 was an event that lasted three days long, but an experience that will last forever.
Somewhere in the middle of the Kali reserve forest lays the river Kali, running wild and free though the Western Ghats. Untamed, ruthless and harsh, like a snake in search of its prey. I’m kidding. It’s controlled by a dam, and you need luck to be in the river when the water gates are opened. And Ganeshgudi, a small town in Karnataka close to Dandeli and known for its adventure sports, was the epicenter of the Kali Kayaking festival.

If whitewater is your kind of rush, then the Kali river festival in Karnataka is the place you need to be. The three day festival had participants not only from all over India, but from New Zealand, Australia, UK and Nepal as well.

The festival was held just at the onset of the monsoons, between June 2nd and 4th. The races included the slalom, down river, boater cross and down river marathon. The surprise package was the huge turnout for beginner’s race with over a 110 participants.

The last race was the river marathon, a team event, where the participants were randomly grouped into teams of 4, and raced down 8kms of river running through the Kali reserve forest.

None of the tasks were easy, most of the races had a rapid where the participants were required to paddle through a bottle neck called the dislocator Rapid. The weather during the festival was gloomy and rainy, drizzling all day and rainy at night.

The event was covered in detail by a team of 8.
Aditi Shastri , Md. Faseeh, Nithin Francis, Puneeth Kumar, Neil D’souza.
Edit by Nithin Francis
Marathon footage : Nth Adventure
Music : The Raghu Dixit Project – Lokada Kalaji
Client : Karnataka Tourism Department, GETHNAA, Goodwave Adventures