Almost exactly 10 years ago, I dropped out of college and began the journey of life. Back then I was heavily into gaming, which took away most of  my time. One fine day though, on New Years in-fact, I deleted all that junk, downloaded material that I was actually interested in and studied web designing on my own.

In the course of these past 10 years, I started 2 other companies while working full-time with another company. Life was good. I got to travel more than most of my friends. I met a whole new spread of people. I learnt new trades, and danced my way through photography, film, choir, music, adventure and did a small duet with dance herself.

My parent’s were never sure about me though. To be honest, I’m not the easiest child to have. I’d disappear for a month in the jungles with a day’s notice and then just magically appear back home one fine day. But they have large hearts, and listen to me, and that’s what I needed the most.

So after leaving my previous company 4 years ago, I started Neil Productions. Things were good. In a few months, work intensified so much I had to move out of home, and find a studio for the team to work out of. Help always came when I asked, from friends and clients. And along with help from my Dad, I managed to set up a modest workplace that could churn out a film in no time.

A few months ago though, I was down financially, and had to close down my studio, The Nest. Something that took 3 long years to grow. I was hurt. But there is none I can blame. The situation is such that one can either cry over spilt milk, or save for the next beer. I chose the latter.

Why am I writing this all out here?  I have not much of an idea, to be honest. I’ve had a lot of free time over the last week to ponder over being back to where it all started from, and where the next steps will lead me.

I’ve been told by many close to me, that I never express myself out. But I’ve never really known how. Talking to someone, just, doesn’t cut it for me. So I guess then, this is one way of expressing it? To feel like an artist, to weave words out of one’s feelings.

So yes, life has taken a full circle. I’m back working from out of my room, like 10 years ago. But I’ve grown in every direction, wiser and happier. The work load, lot easier thankfully.

I’ve been very quiet the last few months, pacing things very slowly. Waiting for the moment to come. And it’s almost here. The next 3-4 months are going to get crazy and fun, and bring about a long pending good time. Or as Calvin puts it aptly “Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand Euphoria!”


  1. Bipin Chinnappa May 2, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    Acche Din… Everyone wishes your job, your talent but only a few know, the hours and days you are living just out for a suitcase rather with your case a trunk of equipment. No other way to say this that is hardcore. Godspeed Brother.

    Become bigger, better, badder.

  2. Lenin June 6, 2018 at 6:20 am

    All the best Buddy 🙂 boomerang wait for it…


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