Back into the water at Nethrani island

This was taken during my fun dive trip to Nethrani Island. I named it as ‘Back into the water’ only because i kept trying the back flip again and again, and also because of the fact that it was my second visit to the lovely island.

Photo by the awesome Claude Loren. Shot on his Canon 5D Mark II, which he was willing to risk on the boat, close to the water.

Nethrani island is about 12 nautical miles off the coast of Murudeshwar, Karwar. It takes about 90 minutes to get there by boat. No one is allowed to set foot on Nethrani island since it was once used as a military bombing site. One can still spots remnants of old unexploded shells at the bottom amidst the corals, if lucky.

My first dive at the Nethrani island was the best till date. I saw one 10 foot long unexploded missile, along with a sting ray that was jet black in colour and at least 12 feet long. the visibility is brilliant, atleast 40-50 metres in broad daylight.

Diver tip – The 90 minutes trip to and fro to the Nethrani island can be really long and boring. Make sure you have fun company, or something to entertain you. Sea sickness is quite common, and sleeping on the boat makes it worse.

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