I’m known to make bad jokes at times, but this is not one of them. It’s not me trying to imply I went high because I was light. I think cricket highlights is more of term for what I felt after a mostly boring shoot at the stadium.

Cricket highlights

This was taken by the young and budding photographer Vinay Jain at the Chinnaswamy stadium. Shooting for little Bangalore was getting really boring, and we decided to do some crazy stuff of our own.

I also must say, I’m in no way associated with DLF. It’s just that their branding happened to be on the boundary ropes. Smart fellows! Keeping the branding lying there even after the IPL got over.

Photographer tip – While shooting restricted places like stadiums, aeroplanes, getting permissions is always difficult. Guerilla style will never work. What will help though, is having a team. They can distract the officials while you can sneak in a quiet shot or two. We were, by no means allowed on the grass, but then as you can see, I don’t always follow the rules.

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