little Bangalore

Every great city in the world has a story that has been passed down the ages. The garden city of India is one such city. A home to countless people from all over the country, making a lifetime of memories. It may not be the best city in the world, but the spirit of its people is unmatched. It’s our little Bangalore!

This film is our (1st December) take on the Bangalore we have grown to love. A tribute to our city and its people. This is the story of our ‘little Bangalore’.

The whole film was shot over a period of 4 months, with us cramming it into our free days. Since there was no sponsor or budget, it was basically us taking our camera’s, obtaining permissions,  sometimes even shooting guerrilla style. The film was shot with a Tilt-shift technique of photography, combined with timelapse.

Atul Kattukaran was the director, while Anup J Kat was the director of photography. The most important link of the shoot was Vinay Jain who would keep us on our toes, getting us locations, permissions etc, and occasionally fetching us a cup of coffee. He also happens to be the youngest in the team, at a modest 15.

Claude Loren, Shonali Mani and me were the extra cameramen, getting different angles, and also pitching in with insightful tips. Edited by Atul, and music by Rahul Raut.

little Bangalore was featured on quite a lot of local dailies. We also had a live interview for TV9 and had a promo on the radio.

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