I shouldn’t be alive!

So some time late in June 2012, I’d been to Goa as usual, but this time the situation was quite different. Off season, not much partying, and most importantly, with my close friend Supreeth, on whose suggestion, had a very different time in Goa altogether.

Long story short, we decide to do a trek from end of Baga to Anjuna. Halfway through we hit a detour, where one needs to climb over a cliff-face. We being the adrenaline pumped, garbage bag covered, rain-soaked junkies that we are, mapped a route and technique to actually climb across it, rather than over it. So in i went, iPhone(switched off), wallet, garbage bag and all. Picture of the hill.

So the drill was take a few steps, and when you see a wave going to hit you, you grab on to the rock face for your dear life. Which kind of worked, till i got to the ledge at the end. That’s when a big one hit, so hard that i was totally engulfed in the wave. It literally took me up and threw me about 10 feet to the right, and then dragged me to sea.

Now the first (and only thing) thing that came to my mind, was to grab on to any of the rocks below the water, but it was too fast and slippery. But for my luck, my middle finger jammed somewhere in the rocks, and i held to dear life until i could almost feel it going to snap. That’s when a second wave caught me and threw me back at the cliff, and then a third before i could finally grab on to a solid big rock, and hold on for dear life, all the while having Supreeth scream at me to hang on.

Few minutes pass with me hanging on to the cliff, breathing, calming down, soothing my cut skin and broken nails. We retrace our path back, and heave a sigh of relief.

Time spent grieving over conked iPhone – 30 secs.

Time spent with life flashing in front of my eyes. 10 secs.

I shouldn’t be alive!

Regrets? None. Learnt a lesson? Yes. But I’m going back for more lessons šŸ™‚

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