Flea market at Anjuna

Last Wednesday saw Claude and me take a stroll through the Wednesday flea market at Anjuna. Traffic as usual was a mess. That’s when we saw this pizza delivery guy, making his way, bravely through all those people. Even the foreigners were amazed by his grit to deliver through the crowded lane. Something for them to show the delivery guys back at home, eh?

Flea market at Anjuna

For those of you who’ve never been there, the flea market comes up every Wednesday just before you hit Anjuna beach. Also home to the world-famous shack, Curlies. The market is where the whole of Goa descends to make it one jamboree of traders, artisans and tourists.

Although, i must warn you, the prices are very international. You’ll rarely find Indians buying anything. I was pleasantly surprised as it’s the first place in India where the peddlers wouldn’t bother me. They would only run behind the tourists, knowing Indians would only bargain, and not buy anything.

Photographer tip – Flea market at Anjuna is set amidst rice fields, sunlight, and colours and people. Lots of intricate articles are also found on sale. Running around with multiple lenses will definitely be a pain, as there’s no place to exchange, and it’s quite dusty. Shooting with a multipurpose lens like 24-70mm would be best advised.

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