Street Graffiti in Bali, Indonesia

Day 1 in Bali saw me and the boys scouring the streets of Bali for the dive shop referred to us by a friend. Every 500 metres we would find a dive shop, and everyone would send us ahead or back 500 metres. Somewhere in the middle of all this mess, I saw this awesome example of street graffiti in Bali, a style which I’ve never witnessed

Graffiti in Bali

If someone could enlighten me more on this style, do mail me

Bali is a place where you will see extremes of everything. The hot weather sees almost all foreigners in the least amount of clothing, while the locals are fully covered up from head to toe on bikes. The whole country is a strongly muslim, while Bali stands alone, being an island dominated by Hindu’s.

From 30 foot high statues to small flower offering on the pavements, Bali is more traditionally rooted, than India. The people are ever smiling, and never complain, no matter what walk of life they’re from.

Photographer tip – Graffiti is something that one can find mostly in nooks and crannies. Takes a little exploration. It’s also something one can’t go asking around for directions, or found on a map/guide. Hence, walking around aimlessly in the locality works best.

Also, street photography generally requires a lens that very versatile. A 24-70mm or 24-105mm range works best. Also, since its mostly done during the day, a wider aperture is preferred to get the best details.

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