The bride getting her bridal mehndi done

I was busy shooting the venue the first half of the bridal mehndi. Was lucky enough to reach in time for the second bits on the hand, plus the legs. I need to note down this mehndi artists name. One of the fastest, and efficient mehndi artists I’ve met.

Ankita & Akshaye-1   Ankita & Akshaye-4 Ankita & Akshaye-5    Ankita & Akshaye-9  Ankita & Akshaye-11  bridal mehndi  Ankita & Akshaye-15 bridal mehndi

This mehndi ceremony also happens to be the first time the groom tried some. Good sport he is, Akshaye. as he always says, this is how I am, and you have to live with it. Words of a man who knows himself all too well.

I digress. The bride. Yes, she knew what designs she wanted, and it was beautiful! And grandma was there for expert advice. Learnt a lot about mehndi patterns and meanings that day. Stuff my awesome memory has conveniently forgotten.

There was some casual sangeeth practice happening in the corner, which the couple then decided to join. I’m not sure why I’m typing all this, when all you need to know is that the mehndi was an excellent job done.

Photographer tip : Never give an out of focus image, no matter how terrific it looks otherwise. Mark of an amateur.

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