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Are you ready for oktoberfest 2013 Bangalore

posted by Neil Dsouza October 17, 2013 0 comments

The annual treat for the beer guzzlers of the pub capital of India is here. The oktoberfest 2013 Bangalore is happening this weekend, and I’ll be there to cover the madness. Lots of music, fun, dance, and of course, beer!

If you haven’t as yet seen us at work, shame on you. We’ve been pub hopping all over Bangalore the last week. Monkey bar, Hopipola, Road house, Doff, 1522 and few more coming up. The taps have been open, with beer overflowing everywhere.

I hate the drink. Everyone whose forced me to drink it, knows that about me. It’s a really ugly drink. But who am I to argue with the world, and their beer bellies. It makes for one awesome conversation starter, and also for group fun.

Shot this along with Anup, Atul, Bhushan and with a lot of help from Mario, Bhushan, Sharan and Shonali. Some neat tricks, and some cheats I learnt on this shoot. Also, people love to be on camera, once drunk.

oktoberfest 2013 bangalore

Life tip – If people are generally shy in front of your camera, offer them a couple of beers!

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