Chalana 2010

They say a creative person has grown when he looks at his previous works and cringes. Well looking back, way way back, this was the first video i ever made, for Chalana 2010. Chalana – dance for a cause is a biennial classical and contemporary dance festival organized by the Rhythmotion trust that was premiered in 2008.

This video, strikes a lot of chords with me. It was my first ever attempt at making a video.  Rhythmotion also happens to be my first dance school, where I learnt my strengths in Indian contemporary dance. Chalana 2010 also happened to be my first ever full-fledged dance production.

It was made by my first ever company Chemical X. Arthur and Balaji were the ones behind the camera mostly, while I myself am featured dancing in quite a few shots. This was shot with a sort of teaser in mind, for publicity online, and also projected during the show.

Videography tip – If you are shooting for the first time, always have an experienced person at hand. It helps immensely as you won’t realise simple issues that will crop up. Sometimes even small errors on the camera settings can foil the whole shoot.

Also make sure you shoot in open air, with cloudy conditions. Preferably shoot during the golden hours around 7am or 5pm.

Chalana 2010  was held in the December of 2010, at the ADA Kalamandira, located opposite Ravindra Kalakshetra on JC road.


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